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Friday, June 19, 2009

John Deere Adds To Its 1910 Commodity Cart Line

Story from WebWire.com

LENEXA, Kansas .— John Deere expands its lineup of 1910 Commodity Carts with the addition of two larger models — a two-tank 350-bushel, and a three-tank 430-bushel, tow-between configuration. These new models provide the increased capacity for customers to seed and fertilize a large number of acres in less time. In addition, the 80-bushel tank on the 430-bushel tow-between commodity cart can also be ordered liquid-fertilizer capable.

"For grain producers concerned about compaction and productivity, these new tow-between carts address both issues. Our customers can seed and fertilize more acres in less time and make fewer stops to refill. This increases their productivity and seeding efficiency" says Aubrey Grove, project manager, John Deere Seeding Group. "The new carts are ideal for large-scale, small-grain producers who own air seeders, and for growers or ag-service providers who apply fertilizer with strip-till equipment"

For the 2010 model year, the two new tow-between carts come equipped with a 10-inch diameter auger with steel flighting that allows a customer to fill twice as fast as they could when compared to smaller models equipped with an 8-inch diameter auger. The larger auger is also standard on the company’s existing lineup of 350- and 430-bushel tow-behind 1910 Commodity Carts.

The 1910 Commodity Cart is one component of an integrated John Deere seeding and fertilizer application solution. The carts are compatible with the company’s SeedStar™ 2 seed monitoring system and GreenStar™2 displays. The SeedStar 2 system displays the planting and seeding functions, seed population, coverage maps, field documentation, and guidance information together on one screen.

The new 1910 Commodity Cart models are now available for customers to order. For more details you can visit with your local John Deere dealer, or go online and visit the company’s Web site at www.JohnDeere.com.