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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ActiveCommand Steering Wins German Award

Irish Independent

John Deere's new ActiveCommand Steering concept has won a gold medal which was awarded at last week's Agritechnica in Germany.

The new concept is a steer-by-wire design, combining a gyroscope and sensors on a smaller steering wheel to a set of electro-hydraulic actuators. Both the manual force and the number of steering wheel turns required when driving will automatically adjust to the tractor's actual speed.

The driver benefits from the reduced effort required during field, front loader and transport operations, and from a more stable ride at high road speeds (up to 50kph).

In addition to the gold medal, Deere scooped five DLG silver medals for several innovative solutions for tractors, harvesting equipment and crop-care solutions.


First up is a system which enables two-way ISOBUS data exchange between the tractor and more complex implements. During operation, the system allows the implement to take command of certain pre-assigned tractor parameters. For example, a round baler can tell the tractor when bale formation is nearly complete and will then make the tractor slow down to release the bale.

The extension of iSolutions from self-propelled sprayers to 700i and 800i Series trailed sprayers also nabbed a silver medal. This facility includes the integration of a tank fill calculator, an advanced SprayerPro boom control package and an AutoDilute function to handle the appropriate dilution of residual liquid in the sprayer.

Also among the prize-winning innovations was the newly designed Condition Monitoring System (CMS), which will be optionally available on the new 7950i self-propelled harvester.

This system continuously monitors the bearing vibrations of key components, such as compaction rollers, drum, kernel processor and accelerator fan. If these bearings begin to change their vibration frequency, the driver or fleet owner is alerted via a signal in the cab or remotely via JDLink.